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C'era una volta San Giovanni



Viale San Giovanni in Venere, 13, Fossacesia ,CH, 66022 , Italia

From the A14 motorway, take the Val di Sangro exit and then follow the Fossacesia direction.

From the Statale 16 (coming from Foggia / Bari or Pescara), located on the Marina di Fossacesia, take the junction for the San Giovanni in Venere Abbey.

Fossacesia, Chieti

Fossacesia is one of the most beautiful and prosperous towns of the Abruzzo coast: it has a very fertile countryside, a great abundance of spring waters, funneled by the hillsides and the Sangro river and is graced by the Adriatic Sea. The area is rich in production of olive oils, wines, fruit, vegetables, grain, tobacco and beets. Seaside tourism is in full swing in the summer, with state-of-the-art facilities that, besides being very busy during the day, also light up our summer nightlife. In addition to the Abbey, the historical and cultural attractions nearby are: the church of San Donato Martire, the historic Mayer, Contini Palaces and the Fonte delle Cinque Cannelle. A new entry that deserves to be mentioned is the Piazzetta del Lettore, which is part of the Free Library circuit in the world. Finally, Fossacesia has its own newspaper: "La Voce", which is the oldest newspaper in the region (since 1952) and is widespread both in Italy and abroad.

L’Abbazia di San Giovanni in Venere (500m)

It is the flagship site of Fossacesia and annually receives thousands of tourists from all over the world. The abbey was built between 1165 and 1204 by Abbot Odorisio II. It returned to flourish in 1954 thanks to the advent of the Passionist Fathers, still present today. Now you can admire the great Basilica, the crypt, the cloister, the garden, the Portal of the Moon, the niche with the remains of Odorisio and many details of great architectural expertise. Our street San Giovanni in Venere avenue, is lined with iconic italian pine trees avenue that lead you to the breathtaking Abbey belvedere overlooking the Adriatic sea, the Parco dei Priori, location unique of municipal events and events and San Giovanni Park, ideal for kids.

The coast and beaches of the "Trabocchi" (1.5km)

Our coast is multifaceted and changes greatly in terrain: low and sandy, to smooth pebbles, to high and rocky with luscious greenery. The beach of Fossacesia (located in the Marina di Fossacesia) is 6 km long and is one of the most embellished by the famous "Trabocchi". They are peculiar and complex fishing contraption, dating back to the Middle Ages, hoisted on stilts and marvelously supported by a web of cables and axles. They are extensions onto the sea from the shore, joined by long walkways poised on the water. The Trabocchi appear superimposed on crystalline backdrops. We can appreciate their diversity from San Salvo to San Vito, in a special way: for the past few decades they have become the best fresh fish and seafood restaurants in the area. One last detail is in progress, the undertaking of a grandiose 1000 km Adriatic seaside bike path project. Although it is under construction, we can already enjoy generous stretches of the path nearby between Ortona and Vasto.

Lanciano is a city of art and ancient traditions, always alive, each with different celebrations and symbols: remember The Gift, Il Mastrogiurato, Il Incappucciati, La Squilla. The culmination reaches him in the Lancianese in September, a peak month of great feasts and magic. But the main attraction is the evocative and unique “relic of the Eucharistic Miracle”, subject of the host and wine phenomenon that is believed to have become flesh and bone respectively, during a celebration of the 8th century AD.

The medieval city of Lanciano (10km)

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